Transform Your Online Business with Integrity-Infused Copy That CAPTIVATES, CONNECTS & CONVERTS


 5 Instant Copywriting Tweaks to Skyrocket Conversions!

Are you frustrated with launch copy that:

  • Isn’t making sales?
  • Doesn’t reflect your brand identity?
  • Isn’t connecting with your audience?
  • Takes too long to write?
  • Doesn’t attract the right audience?
  • Sounds like everyone else and not like you?

Turn your copy over to a pro so you can…


Say good-bye to writer’s block, late-night stress sessions struggling to find the right words, and copy that’s not converting. Say hello to more time to design your course, book more clients, or work on the parts of your business that you enjoy most.


Hop off the struggle bus of crossing your fingers and hoping you’re reaching your ideal audience. Instead, embrace a conversion launch strategy with copy expertly planned to generate leads, increase enrollments, and grow your impact.


The right words combined with the right strategy mean you can create a launch built for impact and increased revenue. Using your voice, my words, and your ICA’s needs creates the winning combination of authentic copy they can’t resist.

Ready to Convert Your Online Audience Into Paying Customers?

That’s why I do what I do!

Hey there! I’m Susan, the founder of My Copy Pro LLC. I’m your no B.S. copywriter and launch strategist.

My mission is to help course creators, coaches and online entrepreneurs skyrocket their conversions with launch copy that turns cold leads into on-fire fans eager to buy WITHOUT using sleazy sales tactics or leaving you feeling and sounding salesy.

That means I will craft on-brand copy written with honesty and integrity that you can’t wait to send out. I can also strategize your funnel for improved results. My goal is that together we can make a positive impact in the world.

Susan Jerrell founder of My Copy Pro LLCC

INCREASE SALES with authentic copy that keeps them coming back for more.

Get proven results to GROW YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS and set yourself up for work on autopilot.

Save time so you can concentrate on the parts of your business you LOVE most.

“Before Susan came on board, I was seriously struggling. I had tools and templates, but nothing felt like a good fit, and it was eating up all my time. What sets Susan apart isn’t just her amazing writing skills, but how well she gets her client’s voice and needs. She’s super organized and makes the whole launch process seem straightforward. She’s the kind of partner you want guiding you. Hiring Susan is one of the best decisions you can make. She’s really that good.”

Lynn Neville

Founder, Biz Boost HQ

“Susan was a true gem to work with! In our creative marketing agency, we’ve gone through many copywriters and while many of them were certainly capable of crafting grammatically correct text – they lacked the skill and experience our clients needed most – the ability to design and construct sizzling copy that attracts, engages and sells

Susan took the time to thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses, their customers and specific objectives. Her delivery was always on time, impeccable and client-facing ready. Susan’s performance was so outstanding that it leads us to say unequivocally you simply owe it to yourself to contact her for your next copywriting project. We have no doubt you’ll be absolutely delighted you did.”

Oxana Romanyuk

CEO, Founder & Visionary, Remote Rockstars®

“Susan, of My Copy Pro, was the definitive answer when it came time to re-imagine our website! She was a great listener; then took all of our words to re-shape and re-tell our story. What a relief it was to turn over this massive project to such a talented copywriter.”

Candace Meyer

CEO & Founder, Minds-In-Motion, Inc.

If you…

  • Care about your customer’s experience and believe in offering value and impact (you are out to change lives!)
  • Desire real human connection and establishing trust and belief in your offer (your clients mean more to you than a quick buck)
  • Want someone who really listens and gets to know your business and clients’ needs (you believe in a personalized approach, no cookie-cutter copy for you)
  • Want your message to feel good for you and your client (say goodbye to “icky” sales tactics that give you the willies)

…Then we’re a great fit!

That Means You’ll Get High-Level Results with Low-Level Stress



Have someone on your side who will help you craft a message that is as authentic and ethical as you are.



Know that your message resonates with your audience and makes them feel valued, understood, and supported.



Sales copy that solves your customers’ problems and establishes you as the go-to must-have solution.

Here’s How It Works:

Schedule a Consultation

We Make a Plan

You Sit Back while I Make the Magic Happen

No matter where you are in the course creation, coaching, or entrepreneurial journey…

  • an experienced veteran ready to scale your impact and turn it over to the pros,
  • a beginner trying to figure it all out,
  • or a die-hard DIYer who wants a little guidance,

there is a perfect path for you…

Sales Pages

  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pages for
    • Lead Magnets
    • Webinars
    • Challenges
    • Summits

Email Sequences

  • Sales Funnels
  • Welcome Sequences
  • Webinar and Challenge Sequences
  • Downsell Offer Emails
  • Summit and Event Emails
  • Lead Magnet Follow-up Sequences

Website Copy

  • Home Pages
  • About Me
  • Services
  • Landing Pages

Done-with-You Services


Copy Coaching

  • Copy Audits
  • Rewrites
  • Hands-on teaching


  • Proofreading for spelling, punctuation, grammar
  • Editing for messaging and clarity

What Other Clients Say…


 “It has been such a great pleasure to work with Susan, and I couldn’t have done this without her help. I love that she is responding so fast and organized and is so easy to work with.

Professional to the fingertips. All the copies have been taken to a whole new level! Thank you” 🙂

Katrine Berge

CEO, Deva Yoga


“Susan did an amazing job writing copy for a website we built! She worked directly with the client, and quickly provided us with in-depth, quality copy that was ready to be used, and even had things like an H1 for each page, and highlighted text to be hyperlinked.

I’m not great with words, but Susan is amazing! Highly recommend.

Johnathan Driver

Co-owner, Packet Pi, LLC


“Susan has been the peanut butter to my jelly! She just gets it! I thought I was needing a traditional VA but turned out I just needed an amazing copywriter, and Susan is it!

She helps keep me on track with my social media, email and blog content too, and she’s always coming up with great ideas that I would have never thought of.

She has been the best addition to my online business. 100% recommend!”

Dori Schmidt

Owner, Beauty Boss Templates


“When I was introduced to Susan I thought, ‘well there is one more expense to add to my website upgrade, ugh! But I am so happy that I hired Susan. I didn’t know what wording I needed to use for SEO and didn’t have the time to research the proper wording.

But Susan was a Jewell, and I am so happy I hired her. I was so happy with her work, and the turn around time was so short.

I would recommend her for any copywriting work you need.

Gloria Thompson

Owner, GT Treats

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