Many small business owners try to write their own marketing projects. Some find writing a perfect fit because they love the writing process. Others, however, find it a chore that they put off and sometimes never do. 

There comes a time in most businesses where you need to ask yourself if you should hire a copywriter to help you. If any of these situations sound like you, it’s time to find a professional writer to help you grow your business and free up time for your other tasks.

It’s time to hire a copywriter when:

You have marketing ideas but no time to implement them

No matter how long your To Do list is there remains only 24 hours in a day. That means some tasks get put on the back burner. Many business owners have amazing ideas of marketing they would like to do: email sequence, websites, blogs, social media, podcasts, YouTube videos and the list goes on. 

The problem arises because you are only one person trying to do too many jobs. If you have great ideas, but no time to implement them, it is time to hire a copywriter. A professional can make those marketing tasks more profitable and lessen your workload.

Writing is keeping you from other business tasks you need to do

Does this sound like a typical month to you? You set a goal to write two blog posts for your website, send out a newsletter to your email list, and post twice a week on social media. You got those done, but in the process got behind on other business jobs. 

Do you feel like you are drowning in a list of activities and don’t have time to do it all. If that sounds like your life, look at your To Do list and see what tasks can be hired out to others so you can truly concentrate on the nitty gritty details of running your business.

You need a fresh perspective

Without a doubt you are the expert in your business. You created it and live and breathe it everyday. However, sometimes that closeness makes it hard for you to see the big picture. Being able to see your business from an outside perspective is invaluable. 

A trained copywriter knows how to reach your audience. They can see what makes your business standout from similar businesses and know how to position your unique selling proposition to the customer. 

Business owners think of the features while copywriters think of benefits. Guess which one sells better? You might be surprised to learn that customers are more concerned about the benefits they will receive from being your customer than they are about your business. 

You are updating or creating a new website

Getting the voice and brand right on a website sets the tone for your whole business. If it doesn’t match up with the rest of your business or if it does not reach the professional level your customers expect, you may be hurting your business. 

Did you know that a website should be more about what your customer wants and needs than about your business? Writing effective copy that reaches your customer and also includes Search Engine Optimization takes research and skill. It is not something you want to leave to chance. Hire a copywriter to do this so that you can create a great first impression when customers visit your sites and also create a lasting impression that keeps them coming back for more.

You want to use social media but don’t want to do it yourself

Social Media is a way that businesses stay in touch with their customers. Sometimes this is weekly, daily, and often several times a day. This takes time that most business owners do not have to spare. Not only do many owners not have the time, many owners are also not proficient in using social media. If you fall into this category, you might want to hire someone to do it for you. 

You do not like to write

Staring at a blank computer screen either makes you want to run and hide or it gets the creative juices flowing. If you love writing, like copywriters do, each new project is a challenge and a chance to do something they love. However, if you don’t love writing, it is a painful, slow process. When you find writing to be a time consuming and frustrating chore hiring a copywriter will be money well spent.

You don’t feel confident in your writing skills

If comma splices, run on sentences and poor sentence structure give you flashbacks to English class you might want to hire a professional. Well-written copy that reaches your customer in a conversational, yet professional way is important. Your business depends on it. 

When you are uncomfortable writing, chances are it doesn’t get done when it needs to. You also run the risk that your copy does not sound professional. Turn this headache over to someone else. 

Creating great copy for your marketing doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. A copywriter is a trained professional who possesses the skill to make your business sound professional and to persuade your customer to use your services and buy your products.