Curiosity marketing is one of your best tools to increase open rates, get people to read your emails, and sell your courses and products. 

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will propel your online marketing to new heights. 

Why? Because, just like a cat, we humans are nosy individuals. 

Think about it:

  • When someone whispers, don’t your ears perk up and you lean a little closer?
  • Didn’t you shake the gifts under the Christmas tree when you were little? (raise your hand if you still do ✋ )
  • Haven’t you followed your friend to a different room when they tell you they have a secret?
  • When you walk by a sign that says STAY OUT, doesn’t that increase your urge to open the door?

3 curiosity dimensions to use in your copywriting

According to psychology professor and researcher Todd B. Kashdan Ph.D., there are 5 types of curiosity dimensions, three of which are interesting to those of us who are trying to use curiosity to increase the number of people who open and read our emails or buy our products.

They are:

Joyous Exploration– the desire to seek out new knowledge and information and finding joy in learning and growing

Social Curiosity– the desire to know what other people are doing and thinking

Thrill Seeking– the willingness to take chances or risks either physical, social or financial to gain new experiences

Keep these three curiosity dimensions in mind as they can help give you a framework to write your copy. 

For example:

  • If you’re writing a nurture email that is providing new information or knowledge to the reader, think about the hook you can use that will pique their curiosity and desire to learn new things. 
  • On a sales page, what new way do you have to solve the reader’s problems?
  • What stories can you tell that will illustrate your topic and pull them through the copy by invoking their natural curiosity to find out what happens?

The key to using curiosity is to create a gap between what your audience knows and what they want to know.

You have to know your audience and what makes them respond. When you know them well, you can tailor your content and marketing precisely to them and use their curiosity to take them on your journey.

Ways to use curiosity marketing:

  • Slowly, over time drip information they want and can use so they want to come back for more.
  • Leave them hanging with an open loop at the end of an email so they anticipate the next one.
  • Build suspense for your product or course before you launch to increase curiosity and anticipation.
  • Ask the reader questions that cause them to think and wonder.
  • Tell a story that makes your audience curious about the ending. One great way to do this is to start an email with your story, interrupt it, and then circle back to it at the end of your email.
  • Give hints about things to come, “I’ve been working on something that I can’t wait to tell you about soon.” “We’re releasing a new course in January based on a process that has gotten so many people great results.”
  • Use curiosity in your headlines and subject lines to encourage learning more.
  • Do the unexpected. If you consistently surprise and delight your reader they will actually look forward to your correspondence because they will be curious about what you are up to now.

Respect your audience

To be clear, I am NOT talking about click-baiting your audience. 

While a click-bait headline leaves readers disgusted and often angry when they realize the article doesn’t deliver on its promise, curiosity marketing not only grabs the reader’s attention, it holds it because it delivers what it promises and further increases their natural curiosity.

Respect your audience’s time and intellect. If you promise something in a subject line, headline, or hook and pique their curiosity, you need to be able to deliver. 

Authenticity and honesty is paramount to building and keeping trust. However, when you have built that trust, curiosity is a powerful motivator. It’s an excellent way to grab their attention and keep it. 

Curiosity marketing remains one of your best tools to increase open rates, get people to read your emails, and sell your courses and products.

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