If you’re ready to hit publish on your online course and don’t have these three essential launch ingredients, it’s like baking a cake without baking soda, flour, or sugar. 

Your launch will fall flat, have little substance and the results will not be sweet.

So let’s take a look at the three essential launch ingredients:

Essential Launch Ingredient #1


While it should be obvious that you can’t sell a course without someone to sell it to, there are many course creators who create their online course and then ask how do I find my audience.

Ideally, you start finding your audience before you create your course so that you can have plenty of time for them to get to know you and understand how you can help solve their problems.

Here are three audience myths that can sabotage your launch:


MYTH: They will want your course because it’s good.

FACT: Your audience isn’t looking for a good course. They are looking for a solution to a specific problem. If your course can solve that problem, then you have their interest. 


MYTH: You have to have a big audience to sell to.

FACT: A big list of the wrong audience will result in zero sales. A small list of the right people can result in a successful launch. The key is to build a list of the right-fit audience and to cultivate relationships with them.


MYTH: Your course is for everyone.

FACT: Your course isn’t for everyone. If it is, it’s too generic to be helpful to anyone. In reality, your course is for a specific audience with a specific problem. Focusing on that audience will bring in the right people and actually increase your sales.


Essential Launch Ingredient #2


When you think about messaging, you may think that we’re talking about the copy you use to sell your course. In actuality, messaging goes much deeper. Your messaging helps inform your copy, but it isn’t your copy.

Messaging is how you communicate who you are, what you do, and how you help your audience. 

Why nailing your message matters:

  • You can easily create a clear marketing plan that consistently uses that messaging. 
  • It provides the words that help your audience know what you stand for and how you can help them. 
  • It also differentiates you from your competitors and makes your course stand out in the marketplace.
  • It clarifies what you are all about and helps your audience decide if you are right for them.

Companies with clear messaging tend to attract their ideal customers and increase their sales. 

Without clear messaging, your audience may be confused about who you are and what problem you can solve for them. As a result, they will move on to someone who they know can help them.


Essential Launch Ingredient #3


I recommend that you watch out for these two things when it comes to sequencing.

  • Be wary of gurus who tell you that there is only one way to launch a course. 
  • Be wary of believing that a launch is just the sales period.

The truth is many different types of launches work. Course launches can be as simple or complicated as you want to make them. 

It is essential is that you find the right sequence for you and your audience. If someone tells you there is only one best way to launch – run.

Instead, what you need to be aware of is that your audience is on a journey to solve a problem.

If you approach them too soon, they aren’t ready to buy and their answer is a no during your launch. When you approach them too late, they have found another solution to their problem and no longer need your course.

The sweet spot is when you take them through a launch sequence that meets them exactly where they are in the buyer’s journey.

That is when you increase your chance of a conversion. So that means, knowing your audience, how they resonate with your message and what they need from you at that moment. 

  • If it’s a cold audience, they will likely need more nurturing time to get to know, like, and trust you. 
  • If it’s a warm audience, they may need to work with you in a small capacity (think webinar or challenge) so they can learn more about your offer and decide if they like it or you. Think about food samples at your favorite big box store. Haven’t we all bought something after we tasted it?
  • If it’s a hot audience, they understand their problem, have been checking you out, and are the most likely audience to make a purchase. 

When you can adapt your sequencing to meet your audience where they are, you will create more successful launches.

These three essential ingredients for a successful course launch are key to running your online course business and increasing course conversions.

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