If you want to do effective marketing, sell your courses and products, and reach your ICA, it’s important to know your audience.

How well do you know your audience? 

You don’t know them well enough if:

  • You can’t talk to them like you do your best friends.
  • You’re guessing what their pain points are.
  • You’re throwing out content and praying something lands.
  • You created a course and are now looking for people who might want it.
  • You are trying to figure out how to talk to them.

Here’s why knowing your audience matters 

When you deeply know your audience, you finally have the ability to truly reach your audience at a deep level.

It’s the magic sauce that makes your marketing finally work.

Knowing your audience means you know:

  • how they think 
  • what matters most to them
  • how they talk
  • what keeps them up at night
  • what motivates them to take action
  • the problems they need solved

You’re not a mind reader, but once you know your audience it feels like you are to your audience. You are able to articulate exactly how they feel, the results they want, empathize with their pain and provide them with the answers to their problems.

The ability to know your audience gives you the ability to really serve them. 

The result? 

They believe you understand them and can help them. This in turn means, your emails are read, your social media posts are shared, your conversion rates go up and you are making sales!

Where course creators go wrong

I’ve worked with a lot of course creators and the ones who have been most successful know who they are marketing to, what their audience really want, and how to talk to them at their level. 

The ones with the least success didn’t have a clear understanding of their audience so they tried to appeal to everyone (which meant they appealed to no one), didn’t know how to talk to their audience, and alienated their audience because they couldn’t identify with them.

What you can do to know your audience

What can you do to get to know your audience? Taking time to do audience research is the key to success. And it’s really easier than you might think. 

Here are 3 simple, free ways to do audience research:

1. Look at reviews

Just getting started? No problem. The reviews don’t have to be yours. You just need to find reviews online that relate to your course or product and find out what people are saying.

Go to Amazon or any other place that has reviews, type in your topic and start reading the reviews. (Typing Books on “YOUR TOPIC” is a great start.)

Take notes of the EXACT words people are using. Those are the words you are going to use in your marketing. Why? Because those are the words of your audience. It’s how they talk, how they think, what’s on their mind.

2. Go where they are talking

A quick look on the internet (Reddit, Quora, social media, Facebook groups, forums) provides you a gold mine of valuable information.

You will be able to learn what problems your audience is facing, what they worry about, what they care about, what they talk about.

Then you can use those golden nuggets in your marketing to really resonate with them. They think you really understand them because now you do.

3. Ask them

This may seem obvious, but I’ve found that most people don’t take this step. But if you want to really understand your personal audience talk to them.

You can do this through a survey or even better, get on the phone and have a person-to-person interview. Ask questions, but spend most of your time listening and taking notes. What are they saying? How are they saying it? Why do they feel this way?

The biggest benefit of a live interview is that you can ask follow-up questions and really get to why they feel that way and how you can help. 

Where do you use this information?


Knowing your audience will be the key to your entire marketing strategy.

Your audience will inform the courses and products you create.

Your audience will determine the tone of your writing, the words you use, the overall feel to your copy. 

You will use the audience information if every piece of marketing you write. Each headline, subject line, and nurture email will be influenced by your audience. It will show up on your landing pages, sales pages, and sales emails.

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