Personality traits affect your business. We all bring unique traits to our business that have the potential to make us successful or keep us from building the businesses of our dreams. Discover which personality traits you possess and what that may mean for your business.

Perpetually Positive Penny

Perpetually positive people believe all things will work out no matter what happens. They see each setback as an opportunity. Problems roll off their back, so they often don’t address problems as they arise.

Common phrases perpetually positive people say:

“It will all work out!”

“No problem!”

“This too shall pass.”

How this can impact your business: Perpetually positive people run the risk of optimism turning into denial. They can have an unrealistic view of a situation and as a result, their business can suffer when it leads to lack of action. When a problem arises, they often just assume it will solve itself without a remedy on their part. 

Negative Nancy

On the opposite side, negative people find fault with everything. They are never happy, even when things are going well. Because they often expect the worst, small problems often feel insurmountable. Their negative mindset makes it hard to seek solutions or try something new.

Common phrases negative people say:

“I can’t do this.”

“This will never work.”

“It’s too hard.

How this can impact your business: Rather than trying to find solutions or asking for help, Negative Nancys convince themselves that things won’t work so they either never follow through with ideas or they give up before giving things a chance.

Perfectionist Paul

For perfectionistic people, nothing is ever good enough. You will find Perfectionist Paul redoing everything multiple times. Projects are started but remain in continuous “tweaking” stages.

Common phrases perfectionists say:

“This could be better.”

“This will never be good enough.”

“I’ll publish this as soon as it’s perfect.”

How this can impact your business: Perfectionists tend to stall in their business as they strive to make everything perfect. That often means that lots of projects are started but they may never be made public.  Websites and courses aren’t finished. Marketing never takes off and as a result neither do their businesses.

Debbie Downer

While this may seem similar to a Negative Nancy, however, Debbie Downers tend to be more pessimistic than critical. They often have little self-confidence, are often hard on themselves, and exude a “woe is me” attitude. This person is easily discouraged and any setback can send them reeling. 

Common phrases Debbie Downers say:

“I’m not good enough.”

“It’s not my fault that XYZ doesn’t work.”

“Nothing ever goes right for me.”

How this can impact your business: As a result, Debbie Downers spend a lot of time dwelling on their negative thoughts which brings themselves and those around them down. The negative energy spills over into their business results.

Grindstone Gertie

We’ve all heard “put your nose to the grindstone,” and in fact, many of us were raised that way. This idiom means to force someone to work hard or to focus intensely on their work. Hard work and focus is a good thing, right? Yes, unless it leads to stagnation.

Common phrases Grindstone Gerties say:

“If I just work harder.”

“Let me try this one more time.”

“This used to work.”

How this can impact your business: Grindstone Gerties may become so focused and work so hard that they lose sight of the big picture. One result of being a Grindstone Gertie is repeating the same things that haven’t worked. You’ve heard the phrase “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same result.” Grindstone Gerties are slow to embrace new things and their business is often slower as a result.

Fickle Phil

This business type is open to change, so much so they constantly change their minds. It’s common for the Fickle Phils to move from one idea to another often before they’ve completed the first one.  Fickle Phils have files of courses, business ideas, and products and always have something in the works. They have most likely tried all types of social media, quickly jumped to the latest trend, and changed their niche several times. 

Common phrases Fickle Phils say:

“Let’s try this!”

“Ooh, I love that idea! Let’s do it!”

“Why not?!”

How this can impact your business: The problem for Fickle Phils is that because there is little planning, no follow through or consistency, their business never gets off the ground. When they constantly make changes, they don’t build trust with their audience because their audience doesn’t understand who they are, what they do, and how they can help them.

Frazzled Fran

The award for DIYer of the Year would go to Frazzled Fran. This business personality does it all, THEMSELVES. They work 24/7 trying to get their business going and keep it going. They either believe no one else can help, they don’t trust others to help, or they think they have to do it themselves. 

Common phrases Frazzled Frans say:

“I can do that myself.”

“I’ll learn how to do that.”

“I’ll do this even if I have to work all night.”

How this can impact your business: By wearing all the hats, they are exhausted and the enjoyment and freedom they hoped to get from owning their business isn’t happening and they are on the fast track to burnout.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the personalities we bring to our businesses, and it’s quite likely you see a little of yourself in each. Once you recognize your personality traits, you can take steps to build consistency, create a business plan, ask for help, and move your business forward.

If you find yourself stuck and ready for help, book a free consultation and let’s see if we can get you unstuck and move your business forward!