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Beauty Boss Templates had just finished a lead magnet opt-in and sought help finishing a welcome email sequence. That job was followed by a weekly nurture emails and the beginning of a blog for her website. Samples are below.

After a consultations call, I wrote 3 emails for her welcome sequence and started writing her weekly nurture blogs and 2 monthly blog posts.

The owner has been pleased with my ability to capture herĀ  voice and to complete work that she can quickly send to her subscribers. She has also indicated that she is pleased with the additional marketing ideas I have been able to share with her to grow her business and expand her digital offerings.

Welcome Emails

Email #1

Email #2

Email #3

Nurture Emails

Nurture Email #1

Nurture Email #2

Nurture Email #3

Nurture Email 4

Nurture Email 5


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