There’s ONE copywriting rule you need to remember.

More is not better. You just need to remember the rule of one.

One. That’s all you need to remember when you are writing your own copy.

First, when you write your copy, be sure to write it to only one person. You did all that ICA work for a reason. Write like you are writing to a friend, not to a huge audience.

Second, stick to one main idea for each piece of copy. In each email that you write, stick to one topic. Provide valuable information for the reader, but keep it related to your purpose. For your landing pages and sales pages, stick to one main benefit they will receive. 

Third, provide only one choice and one call to action.

Don’t Confuse Your Reader

It doesn’t matter if you are writing an email, landing page, sales page or website page, if you give your reader options, you lose them. 

Too often, businesses are afraid of alienating consumers by narrowing down choices for them. 

The problem with that is that when confronted with multiple options, the reader often chooses none because they can’t make up their mind or feel overwhelmed with the choices. It’s like standing at a fork in the road and wondering whether to go straight, left or right. It can be an agonizing situation.

Remove the indecision and confusion in your reader by providing them with just one option.

I recently received an email that felt like a multiple-choice test. 

  • If you are interested in “A” click here. 
  • If you want to join me in “B”, click here. 
  • If “C” sounds more like your thing, click here. 
  • To learn more about “D”, click here.

Guess which one I clicked on: “E” none of the above. I clicked on DELETE.

Use Only One Call to Action

On a landing page or sales page, include only one call to action button. That should be to click on the button to download or freebie, sign up for your webinar, purchase your product or service. 

Don’t use those pages to direct them to social media, email you with questions, visit your website or anything else.

The second they click off of your page, you’ve lost them. 

Other Ways to Use Rule of One

Other ways to use the rule of one as you expand your copy:

  • Telling a story? Choose only one to illustrate your point.
  • Making a promise? Highlight the one biggest promise you want to be known for.
  • Appealing to their emotions? Select one emotion and play it up.
  • Describing a transformation? Use one example and explain it well.
  • Trying to build your brand? Decide on your one brand voice and stick to it.

By following this ONE rule, you will make your copy clear and easy to follow for your reader, you will define what is important, and you will avoid rambling to incoherence.

More is not better. You only need the rule of ONE.

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