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Launch with confidence when you have a pro plan and write your sales sequences and landing pages. Copywriting is a blend of scientific strategy and magical words, but when you have a professional doing the work, it feels like pure magic when that finished copy hits your inbox and you slept soundly the night before! No stress, no tears, no frustration. Yeah, I see you all-nighters out there, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Sales Pages


  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pages for
    • Lead Magnets
    • Webinars
    • Challenges
    • Summit
    • Coaching

Reaching your Ideal Customer is the answer to scaling your business. With proven techniques to make your course or coaching program stand out from your competitors, let me take away the confusion and overwhelm of writing sales pages that convert.

I specialize in writing landing page and sales page copy that engages your audience and makes them say, “Yes, I need this in my life now!”

“It’s been so great to work with you! Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done this without your excellent copy writing skills.”

“This is looking great! Happy with it! Total star, Susan!”

Perfect, thank you Susan! Feels like I want to take the course when reading your copy!”


Email Sequences


  • Welcome Sequences
  • Webinar and Challenge Sequences
  • Sales Funnels
  • Downsells, Upsells

 Launching a course or product can be intimidating and time-consuming, especially when it comes to writing all those emails, but that’s my specialty!

Using proven writing strategies, statistical evidence, and experienced creativity, I can help you reach your business goals.

Nurturing relationships and building customer loyalty through a personal touch is more important than ever. Emails can do just that and with my help, the task just got easier!

“LOVE these. Especially love how you handled that we don’t have the line up of speakers yet!! You knocked it out of the park.”

“Susan’s a lifesaver and a freakin’ miracle worker. I wouldn’t have been able to do it all without her. How she uses words is totally amazing. I 150% recommend you connect with her <3”

Website Copy


  • Home Pages
  • About Me
  • Services
  • Landing Pages

 With SEO optimized copy, I can also help your website gain viewers, increase clicks, and sell your products.

Have a website that just needs editing and updating? I can do that, too.

Reaching your ICA is the answer to scaling your business. I specialize in writing landing page and sales page copy that engages your audience and makes them say, “Yes, I need this in my life now!”

“I LOVE what you’ve done so far!!!  You’ve captured the exact tone that we wanted.”

PERFECT! Thanks for all your work on this!”

I just read the copy and it sounds fantastic.”

Done-With-You Services

Not ready to turn your baby completely over to someone else? Just call me the babysitter– I’m not going to birth your baby, but I’m here to help you out.

What’s that mean? It usually means you have some copy, but it’s going through the terrible twos, and you know it’s not ready for the world yet.

Whether you’ve launched before and didn’t get much traction or you want a professional opinion before you set it loose, I can do a copy audit and give your copy a tune-up to turn your online audience into paying customers.

Copy Coaching

  • Copy Audits
  • Website Audits
  • Rewrites
  • Hands-on teaching


Not quite ready to turn it over to the pros Sometimes you just want to do it yourself, but you know you need some guidance. I get it. DIY can be fun and exciting– until it isn’t and you have questions, want reassurance or need a second pair of eyes.

Let me take a look at your existing copy, give you feedback, and see where we need to go from there. It might be a couple of strategic tweaks or it may be time to rip off the bandaid and dive in deep and I can do the rewrites for you.

​​”Thanks for the feedback, Susan. Just made all the changes. Invaluable.”

“Thank you so much for the quality detailed feedback on my last email copy. I felt as if you pinpointed my blocks right away.”

“Thank you so much for that input Susan – it was incredibly helpful and I feel I’ve nailed the updated version of the sales page.



When you’ve written your own ebook or sales funnel and need a second pair of eyes, My Copy Pro can handle that job too, with proven, proofreading and editing experience.

Let’s connect!


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