When is a good time for a small business to hire a copywriter? Unlike large corporations that have a marketing staff of writers, a small business does not typically have the funds for such a luxury. However, there are strategic times that a small business would benefit greatly from the expertise of a professional.

Here is when a small business owner should hire a copywriter:

1. You open a new business.

At this stage, you need a brand voice and to create a marketing campaign to increase the success of your business. Working with a copywriter, you can turn over the details to them while you worry about getting your business in order. The marketing of a new business takes lots of time you will not have. To begin with, you will need press releases, a website, a social media presence, and print and/or radio, TV commercials. This is all before the business ever opens. You cannot postpone these items, or you already start your business at a disadvantage.

2. You are launching a new product or a special promotion.

Creating the excitement for a new product is the perfect time to hire a copywriter because they will have the expertise to hit all the market targets you need. Website updates, social media announcements, and email funnels are all areas that a copywriter can handle for you. They also have the skill to write to your customer in a way that makes them want to buy your product. Increasing excitement is great, but making the sale is the true goal.

3. You want to update or create a website.

A website presence is a necessity. Adobe research shows that 91% of customers have visited a store because of an online experience. In fact, that is the easiest way for customers to find you and find out about your business. If your website content has not been updated in a year, it is time to get busy. Likewise, if you have not updated the look of your website in 3-4 years, it is also time to bring it up to date.

Finally, if you have avoided a website for your business and are still relying on just Facebook or word of mouth, you are missing a huge audience and that means you are missing out on sales. A copywriter can check your web copy for Search Engine Optimization, write new home or landing pages, update product descriptions, and improve your About Me section. In short, a copywriter can get your website up and running or make it up to date, depending on your needs.

4. You need emails.

Emails are the cheapest way to reach your customer. In fact, for every $1 spent on emails, a business can see a $44 return on that investment. In your store and online you can ask your customers for email addresses and then use those carefully to improve your business. From project launches, email funnels, to product updates and sales, emails can help keep your customers in the loop and your business fresh in their minds. This specialized type of writing is a great way to reach your customer. A copywriter will have the skill and talent to write subject lines that increase the open rate, create call to actions that will entice the customer to act, and the know-how to use a friendly approach that makes your company’s email a pleasure to get.

5. You have small ongoing projects.

If you really want to avoid the writing headache of keeping up with the marketing side of your business, hiring a copywriter on retainer is a great option. Once you find a copywriter you enjoy working with and who knows your company, putting them on retainer to write your copy each month can be a great relief. You trust them; they know you; so, an ongoing relationship guarantees continuity and continual marketing for your business. You set the parameters of what you want produced each month and agree upon a price. Then you can concentrate on all the other details of your business, knowing that you are in good hands.

Bonus tip:

If you hate writing or know you are not good at it, that is also a time to hire a copywriter. Number 1, they love writing or wouldn’t be doing it, and number 2, they have the know-how to do it well. Believe it or not, poor writing can do more to harm your business than you might realize. If your sentences are poorly constructed and full of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, your credibility with customers drops. It reflects poorly on your business and may discourage customers from doing business with you.

Your number one goal as a business owner is to make money, so hiring a professional copywriter to help may be just what you need to increase sales and improve your marketing strategy.