Think email marketing is dead?

While you might be distracted by the newest shiny marketing tool on the block, email remains vital to your business.

Here’s why:

  • 4 billion daily email users, compared to 1.9 Facebook users, 500 million Instagram users, 361.23million YouTube users, and 15. 54 million TikTok users
  • 36% of brands are increasing their email budgets because emails sell (Litmus, 2021)
  • Email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023 and increase to 17.9 billion by 2027 (Statista, 2021)
  • 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month. (Salescycle, 2022)

Emails are cost effective and work

While many small businesses focus on social media, statistics show that emails are 40% more effective in acquiring customers. One in three consumers have purchased something from a brand from whom they receive emails. 

Here’s the thing. If you are a small business you are already working with a small marketing budget and emails give you the most bang for the buck. On average $39 are earned for every $1 spent on email marketing. That is an impressive ROI, higher than other marketing options, at much less expense.

One reason email works so well is that your customers ask for it. That’s right; in order to send consumers email marketing, they have to sign up for it. That means they want to hear from you and receive information and discounts in their inbox.  You have a captive audience. 

Why consumers like emails 

First, it comes straight to them. They don’t just happen to stumble across it, which is what happens with print ads and social media. This direct contact makes a difference because if a consumer likes a company, they don’t want to miss out.

Second, it is personalized. A good marketing strategy tailors the email to the consumer and addresses their concerns and interests. You get to write directly to your customer and reach them personally. Did you know that just including the customer’s name in an email increases the open rate by 26%?

Third, it is convenient. Consumers can read your emails on their phone which is where 70% of consumers open their emails. The other great convenience is they can read them when they want and save them for later.

And lastly, emails provide value. In addition to promoting your business, emails also answer questions, provide information, and solve problems for consumers. This added value keeps them opening your emails and makes them appreciate your business. You just cannot receive that benefit through other types of marketing that only focuses on sales.

Here is how to provide good value in your emails

Emails should not just be used to promote your business. If every single email you send only talks about your business and what you do, you will quickly lose customers. Instead focus on your customer.

First, get to know your customer. What do they care about? What are their problems? What pain points do they have? 

Once you know who you are writing to, write directly to them. Use the second person voice, you, and talk to them conversationally. When they know you understand them, they are much more likely to engage. That is one reason why email marketing is so important. You are personally reaching out to your ideal customer.

Next, your email should address their problems. You need to concentrate on true benefits, not products. How can you solve their problem?

Be sure to concentrate on one idea per email. Keep it short and friendly. Readers are not going to read a long email so get to the point. 

So, when do you sell?

Subtly, you are selling every time you give away valuable information. The trust and authority translates into sales down the road. You will become the expert they turn to and value.

Overtly, you can sell when you can offer them a solution to their problems. 

Do you have a sale coming up that will help them with something they need? Let them know. Offering a discount that they will want? Share it with them. Have a new product coming out that is going to improve their lives? Tell them all about it.

Ways to engage your customer

These are just a few types of emails that can engage your customers: Welcome emails, newsletters, incentives and discounts, reward programs, reminders, contests, thank you messages, surveys and feedback, new product information. You want to vary the type and make them relevant to the audience you are writing for.

Having a clear call to action is also a good way to engage your email recipient. Ask them to answer a question, take a quiz, select between two products, click on a link to a coupon, visit your website, and sometimes to buy from you. Keep them engaged in your business.

The goal is that you are providing an ongoing conversation. When you keep them engaged in how your business can help them, they are then ready to hear about what you have to sell them. 

You must address their personal needs and make your business relevant in their lives. That is why they chose to receive your emails and why email marketing is important. 

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